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Here at Tails Up we are constantly searching for the latest and greatest in pet treats, foods, toys and apparel. Our stock is always growing and changing. Below are a few of the items we carry, feel free to stop by the store and take a look around.

Food & Treats

We believe in only the best foods on the market. None of the products we carry (food or treat) contain any wheat, corn, soy or beet pulp. Many of our foods and treats are grain free and gluten free. We realize many dogs and cats have allergies or digestive issues which is why we have made this choice.

Currently we carry Tollden Farms Raw Food, The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food and Fromm Four Star Nutritionals in the store for both dogs and cats.


What your pet wears is so much more then function, it is also fashion, and we know that here. We carry brands such as Chilly Dogs, RC Pets, Hot Dogs All Dressed,  as well as others.  Chilly Dogs Inc Coats are a great way to protect your pup from the rain, wet, snow and cold. Not only are they fashionable they have amazing construction and are made in Canada. All our coats, collars and leashes are made in Canada.


We know dogs aren't always as well behaved as they should be, we also know sometimes you need some help. That's why we offer a selection of the best training equipment on the market. We currently have in the store RC Pets' Harnesses and Hot Dogs All Dressed Slip 'n Go head halters. Also for the trained dogs that still need work we have Martin Gale collars in stock at all times.


Life isn't all about work, sometimes we need to play, and so do our pets. We have a selection of amazing dog and cat toys in the store to choose from. West Paw toys are designed for pets that play hard, their Zogoflex line is guaranteed to stand up to even the toughest of dogs (oh and they bounce and float too).  Tibetan Chews are meant for dogs that love to chew. We also carry a selection of FouFou Brands and Kong durable stuffed and hard toys.

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